battery powered cellular security camera

What are battery powered cellular security cameras

Cellular security cameras are those which work like on the pattern of cell phones. It does not mean that they are totally like cell phones but just as your cell phone works with sim, these cameras also work through cellular sims.

Cellular cameras are not wifi enabled they get their internet connection through the 3G or 4G sims. Most of these cameras preferably. It is my personal view about cellular security cameras.

cellular battery powered security camera

In this article I have tried to briefly explain what features does a cellular security camera ought to have. Secondly, I have tried to explain some merits and demerits of battery powered cellular security cameras.

Features to check before buying a battery powered cellular security camera

  • Battery life

Without power your security camera would not be able work. That is why whenever you opt to buy battery powered security camera you must check its battery power. It must be more than 3000mah.

In case it is not 3000mah you must have some alternatives such as some extra batteries solar panels or power banks to recharge them.

You will have to check the type of battery as well. They must be rechargeable batteries with longer shelf lives. Shelf life of a battery plays a very crucial role.

We all know that it is very painful and annoying for a busy person to get out and get some extra batteries after every single week. Thus, you must check the shelf lives as well.

  • Night vision

You can not deny the importance of night surveillance. many intruders and robbers break in during nights. When we are in deep slumber.

Our security cameras must have a night vision of more than 30fts. Otherwise there would be a high risk of robbery. For a safe house and office 24/7 security cameras must have exceptional IR LEDs.

  • Wide angle and resolution

Wide angle is pivotal for a broader perspective you will not be able to see around through your security cameras if the angle of view is shorter than 90 degrees.

Similarly resolution clarifies the image it must be more 720p or more for perfect and crystal clear video quality. Blurry videos and images will not be of any use at the end of the day you will feel unsafe.

  • Storage and storage type

In battery powered cellular security system the storage is most of the time local. Which means you will be using SD cards. Here is another thing to consider which is the type of storage.  

If your camera is not formatted for loop storage then you can be in great trouble. You will have to get some new SD cards after every single day. This depends upon the capacity of an SD card. Generally SD cards can not store more than 128 GB in a cellular security camera.

  • Motion detection

Motion detection feature is the backbone of security cameras. If your camera will not inform you about the slightest motion then you would not be able to take any precautionary measures before any mishap.

That is why while buying a battery operated security camera, check the motion detection sensor feature first. They must be some advanced sensors which would automatically notify you after a slightest change in positions. This might sound annoying sometimes but it is the only way to prevent any mishap and to keep your place a safe and sound property.

Merits of cellular security cameras

  • These security cameras are wire free. They do not need any wired to work.
  • You can install them anywhere without any fear.
  • They are not bound to wifi connections. This makes them free more than wireless security cameras. On the other hand wireless security cameras need to be placed around the wifi modem.
  •    Remote access. Unlike cctv cameras these cameras can be controlled by mobile phone devices as well.
  • These cameras are cheaper than wired security cameras for they do not need extra tools and equipment for mounting them up.
  • Unlimited storage. Wireless security cameras often come with cloud storage. Or ln case they have loop recording which is also a type of unlimited storage. 

Demerits of cellular security cameras

  • Would not work with weak internet speed. Your motion detection feature would ultimately stop working if there would be a weak connection.
  • Batteries can be an issue, if you have not got some big and strong batteries than you would be changing or recharging them after every week.
  • If your data is not encrypted then there can be chance of hacking.

Final verdict

Cellular security cameras are another type of wireless security cameras. They are powered by different types of batteries. When buying an like all other types of security cameras this type has got its own advantages and disadvantages. The users must understand the product before taking any bold steps.