a pan tilt zoom battery powered surveillance camera

Battery powered Pan Tilt Zoom Security cameras

This one is a lesser known type of security cameras. As the name implies these cameras are designed in a way that the head of the camera will be able to tilt and zoom simultaneously.

Security is the basic necessity now a days. Each one of us is at risk. Economical pressures and social scenarios are making lives even more difficult. You are not only liable for a business fraud intruders can get in your office or house for snatching your belongings.

With the progression of technology robbers and intruders are also revolutionizing their techniques. You can not deny this fact. That is why you need an upgraded type of security camera.

Pan tilt security cameras are one of them. The basic feature of pan tilt zoom security cameras are the lenses. These cameras have got wide angle lenses.

Their focal length is shorter than other cameras. The cameras are designed for vertical and horizontal perspectives.

Th focal length and glass lens angles will be changed according to the need of the hour. It will automatically focus and capture the object.

Pan means that the camera is designed to get the clear image form the horizontal axis. Tilt means that they are able to catch the glimpses quite clearly from the vertical axis as well.  

In this article I will only describe some pros and cons of pan tilt zoom security cameras also known as varifocal security cameras. The main focus would be on battery powered pan tilt zoom security cameras.

A picture containing a pan tilt zoom battery operated security camera

Advantages of PTZ battery security cameras

  • More zoom more better

These cameras can zoom approximately 35 times more than ordinary security cameras. The varifocal lenses will adjust automatically to get the clear and zoomed in picture of the objects coming in their way.

This means that if you are using a battery powered wireless PTZ security camera you are not going to miss the minute details of the objects around your camera.

  • Different wide angles

The PTZ camera has got two types of wide angles. One for the horizontal axis and the second one for vertical axis.

Unlike ordinary cameras you will not be bound to get a limited perspective. You will get a wide picture catching every thing around the objects as well.

  • Automatic variation

These cameras will automatically change their features according to the need of the hour. If a suspect would be standing far the lenses will automatically make the perfect combination for getting a clearer and accurate picture.

  • Easy to install

If you are getting a wire less battery powered PTZ security camera you do not need to worry about installation. For installing a wireless security system you will not be needing any accessories except a few.

  • Strong motion detection features

The pan tilt and zoom feature is directly dependent upon the motion detection feature. If the camera would not detect any motion within seconds the system would not be able to reciprocate accordingly.

It would be a matter of a few seconds. That is why generally PTZ security cameras have got strong PIR sensors for detecting motion.

Disadvantages of battery operated PTZ security cameras

a ptz battery operated security camera
  • Costly

These cameras are bit expensive than the others. Why so? Because they have got one of the most latest technology.

Varifocal lenses are the new innovation and invention. They have modernized the security system manifolds. Like all new things they are a bit expensive. They must be because they are more  reliable and  effective than other security cameras.

  • Too sensitive sensors can annoy

PTZ security cameras have got very sensitive sensors for motion detection. This is a bit annoying for a number of users and they often complain.

This can be controlled if you would customize and change the settings when you feel that you need that super effective feature. Otherwise you will be constantly annoyed by the push notifications on your smart phone.

  • Need more power

Every security camera which has got some smart feature requires more battery for operating. That is why you might need to spend some more bucks for the batteries of PTZ security cameras.

  • Strong internet connection

You can not control a highly efficient device with weak internet connection. Otherwise you will not be able to get proper information. PTZ cameras can only operate in high speed internet connection other wise the recordings would be disrupted.

Final verdict

PTZ security cameras are one of the advanced type security camera when getting a battery powered PTZ security camera the buyers must make sure that they have understood every feature of the product.

Sometimes, they do not understand their need and end up buying irrelevant features. This is utter nonsense. Buying  a PTZ security camera can be expensive but if you know how to use them properly then they can prove to be the best security cameras available.