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Best types of Battery Powered Security Cameras in 2019

Security cameras come in a wide range of features. Depending upon their specialty and unique features, security cameras can be divided in to various types.
Dk Security research says, “People tend to go for the most used type of battery powered security camera”, but if you are willing for a smart security camera then you must shop smartly. There can be a number of reasons for choosing a specific type of battery powered security cameras.

battery ecurity cameras

If you are buying a battery power cam for your office where you do not visit often then you will need a wireless security camera that would work through wifi. Similarly, if you are trying to look a battery powered security camera for outdoor use you will also prefer the same category.

On the other hand if someone is planning for a bigger security project then wired battery powered camera can also work. Now let’s get a briefly explained view about different types of security cameras.

Wireless battery powered security cameras:

Wireless security cameras does not work through ethernet cables. You will have to get a strong wifi connection for operating them. They can be installed anywhere without any hustle.

  • Wireless battery powered security cameras are very easy to install. There is no need to worry about calling a technician and paying him with some extra bucks. You just have to mount the camera anywhere you want without a second thought and connect it with the internet for a super easy control.
  • Next, wireless security cameras can work any where as long as the internet is connected. Most of them might not need internet for 24/7 surveillance because most of them might work with an SD card. Thus, you can place your wireless camera wherever you want without even thinking about the power connection.
wireless battery powered security camera
  • No power outages, as they will be working through batteries  so as long as the batteries are charged there will be no chance of loosing the surveillance control.
  • Best for people living on rents. You can uninstall your precious security camera whenever you want to. Unlike wired security cam you do not have to pull the wires off.

Battery powered security cameras having local storage

A number of security cameras come with local storage options. Even though they can be controlled by applications but for storages the require SD cards, DVR etc.

Cellular battery security cameras are also very good to consider for remote storage.

Such security cameras have their own significance and functions.

  • Best for using where there is weak or no internet connection. There can be a number of incidents such as power outages that might interrupt your wifi connection. Consequently your camera will be unable to record the videos.
  • Your data is safe from hacking. Hackers can not reach the recorded data. You will not jave to worry about encryption or subscription for a more secure package.
  • Need based storage. If you want to have a small space memory card then you can have one. You will not be bounded to buy a bigger memory card that might cost you a bit. For instance for an indoor security camera you must not need extra space. Thus an SD card of around 32 GB will be enough.

Battery powered security camera with solar power systems

These security cameras a re one of the most advanced types. Solar powered camera are the most reliable ones on terms of power source. They will not be a complete wireless security system as you will need to connect the solar panel’s battery.

Secondly, it is a little difficult to mount a solar panels. You will have to call a technician and will ave to take care about the amount of sunlight on the panels. Which means that the direction of panels is very important.

Also, it is amazing if the solar spy cam is a Pan tilt zoom battery security camera.

  • Unlimited power supply is one of the most advanced and significant advantage of solar powered security cameras. You just have to install them and relax. No worries if there are electricity breakdown or whatever. Your camera will work in every condition as long as the sun is shining, which of course it will.
  • Low electricity bills, many people worry about the hike in their electricity bills after installing a security system. No doubt it will increase a bit but not if you are getting yourself a solar powered battery security camera.
local storage battery security camera

Battery powered cameras with cloud storage

Cloud storage is assumed as a risky way of handling your recorded data because it might get hacked. It can be hacked if you are not handling it carefully. For a cloud storage you must not rely on the default settings. Encryption is very essential if you are getting a cloud storage package.

  • It allows the user to store as much data as he wishes. There is no limit. Once you subscribe a package you  are free to record.
  • No worries of buying new SD cards. Many companies do even provide a free cloud storage. So, it can be free of cost. Upgrades might cost you a bit but it will be completely up to you. You would decide according to your need.
  • You can share and download your videos whenever you want you do not have to get the SD card out of your camera for checking and inspecting the past events.
  • Cloud storages come with a back up plan. Which means that your data is more than safe. Local storage devices can get corrupted consequently damaging the recorded files. Here there will be no such worries ever.

Final Verdict

Which ever type of battery powered security camera you buy, make sure that you really require that type otherwise it will be a total waste of money.

For instance if you are sure that you can not afford to pay some high bills every month but you can have a small loan now, then get yourself a solar powered security camera. This will be of long term benefits.

Similarly, if you are living on rent then do not buy a wired security camera system instead a wireless hidden security camera will be the best in terms of cost and function.