battery operated surveillance camera system

Top Reasons to buy a battery powered security camera

Security cameras have become one of the important feature of a secured house and office. You can not deny the importance of security.

In market there are a number of products related to security. If you know all of these you will definitely get confused about which to choose. This is why a certain amount of knowledge about security cameras is essential.

The solution lies in getting authentic information about each type of security camera. the most common type of security cameras are cctv cameras but there are a lot of limitations and restriction when you opt for a wired security camera.

There can be certain circumstances when buying a battery powered security camera will be more helpful. In this article we will see what are those circumstances in which you must get a battery powered security camera.

battery operated surveillance camera system

There is a risk of power outage

If you are living in an area where there can be a risk of power outage. Load shedding can interrupt the performance of your finest security cameras if they operate through electricity.

Thus, if you are living in any such area you must get a battery powered security camera. otherwise your entire security will be at risk.

If your budget is small

Wired security cameras can be a bit expensive. They require a lot of equipment and tools. You need BNC wires and many more connectors.

All these accessories makes the wired security cameras costly. Many people can not afford them. If you have made a budget and buying a cctv camera can be a burden for your budget then battery powered wireless security cameras are for you.

Easy installation

If you can not afford to call a electrician or there are no electrician available near you. Then having a battery powered security camera will be the only option .

Wireless battery powered security cameras does not need extra equipment and accessories. You do not need to get some wires and nuts. There are mounters and magnetic stands available in most of the packages.

You just need to stick the mounter to the selected position. Next you will be attaching the camera to the selected point. Your camera is ready to use until you have got a strong wifi connection.

battery surveillance camera system

Unlimited storage

Most of the battery powered security cameras come with an option of cloud storage. Some of them offer free cloud storage while some have got packages .

If you have got a security camera with local storage you will have to buy SD cards after every certain period or you will have to format your card again and again.

All these activities can be sometimes very annoying. When you buy a battery powered security camera you do not need to get SD cards, no need of formatting either. Once you have subscribed to cloud storage your camera’s recordings will be automatically updated to the cloud storage.

There can be a slight risk of hacking but if you have got an encrypted data then there will be zero risk of any such mishaps.

Complete remote control

Battery powered security cameras can be controlled through mobile phones, PC and laptops from anywhere in the world. You can customize you will be able to watch live time videos.

There would be no breakage as long as there is an internet connection. The mobile phone application will be the only source for changing the setting of your security camera which would be under your control.

Push notification

The remote control feature will be along push notification over slightest motion detection. Your security camera will automatically send notification to your mobile phone device on every suspicious movement.

In wired CCTv security camera the push notification is not much advanced. They do send notifications but through emails. You will not be checking your emails all day long. Simple notifications in mobile phones are more easier to understand. They are precise and effective as compared to mails.

Two way audio

If you are using a security camera for controlling your kids and employees then one with two way audio system are for you.

You can warn your kids, instruct your employees and even talk to the delivery boy at your door if you have got a battery powered security camera with all the essential advanced features.

Final Conclusion

Battery powered security cameras are the advanced form of security cameras. You can rely on them if you are in any such circumstances. These are designed to save your time and effort while providing the best surveillance system.

Using a security camera smartly is the key. You can entirely rely on your security camera if you are aware of its special features and you know  how and when to use them. Fro further confusion you can read some guides and reviews about specific and high class brands as well.